A Basket Full of Love

photo1-4Last week we got some of our planting done. The children made their very own ‘Green Houses’ with green beans in them and they planted flowers of their very own. They are very excited to watch them grow. They were checking to see if they grew 5 minutes after they planted the seeds. They were super excited to see that their green beans and flowers had already sprouted Monday morning! We will continue planting this week along with our Easter activities. We will be discussing what Easter is about and remembering how Jesus died on the cross for each and everyone one of us. He would have died just for you if you were the only person!

What an amazing feeling to have; to know that you are loved SO MUCH! May you all remember just how much Jesus loves you during this Holy week.

We are preparing for the Silent Auction this week too! Each year, the children work on a project with my help for our auction. At this age, they supply their cute little fingertips and then I take it from there! They get so excited for everyone to see their projects! The Silent Auction is an annual event for our school where parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and community members come together to celebrate our wonderful school. Our auction is on April 25th starting at 5:30, dinner being served from 6:00-7:30 and the live auction beginning at 8:15. Please stop in to the office or call if you would like tickets to join us for a fun-filled evening.

Our Spring Wish List:

Algae eater fish

Aquarium for bug habitat

Baby doll clothes

Large Frames

Matchbox cars

Potato head pieces

Stuffed animals that go with books

(Franklin, Pooh, Dora, etc.)