Our Lenten words to focus on are Pray*Fast*Almsgiving

Prayer started with The Stations of the Cross on Monday. Thank you, sixth graders! Every day we are spending time writing prayers to Jesus in our Lenten Prayer Journals. This special time helps us to talk and listen to Jesus. They love it! Noah is teaching us how to Fast and go without things. Our Water for Life is helping us to experience Almsgiving.  Bring those coins! Vivian is our giggly, warm-hearted and beautiful Jesus’ Super Star! Art: God’s Promise, painted rainbows and color wheel. Reading: short e spelling words, cluster with s, silent letters in kn*wr*gn, realistic fiction story, compare and contrast, evaluate and sensory words.  Writing: Friendly letter and telling sentences. Math: Money to dime, thermometer and units of measure. Social Studies*1st and 2nd grade: Abraham Lincoln. Spring is coming! Happy Day!

This month we celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday! Visit Suessville here and learn with the famous children’s author!

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Photo Album March 2014

As we review our days of the week, we integrate our iPad learning!

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Grade 1 We are learning that the 40 days of Lent are a time for praying…

We are learning that the 40 days of Lent are a time for praying, fasting and almsgiving. Prayer means we go to Mass more often.   Fasting means we go without food or eat less. Almsgiving means doing good for others. Remember your pennies for Water for Life! Thanks very much for working on the readings for today. The words were hard, but they did it beautifully! Our Jesus’ Super Star is the smiley, sweet and smart, Halle. Spelling: 0-12 number words. Math: domino adding, temperature, basic facts and estimation jar.  Writing: Super Star Friendly Letter and Prayers to Jesus in our Lenten Prayer Journals. Grammar: Telling sentences, period poem,  asking sentences and question poem. Author of the month: Dr. Seuss*Theodore Geisel celebrating Read Across America month!  Happy Rhyming!!!

Welcome back to the ice box of Minnesota!

Welcome back to the ice box of Minnesota! We love it here! Thank you, Lord, for the Sacrament of Baptism. Our hearts turn pure white as we become a Child of God! Our Baptismal posters are awesome. Thanks for all your help. We will need your assistance again for next week’s Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:30 A.M.  with the very special readings. I appreciate you all very much! Lindsay is our special Super Star.  She is beautiful inside and out, a wonderful helper and a radiant reader. Testing for mid-term is the main focus this week. Nurse Melissa will be teaching us about dental hygiene, so our teeth don’t end up like President Washington’s. Yes, ask your kids!!! A big thanks goes out to H.A. Rey and Margaret Rey for creating Curious George. We just love that little bugger!  Happy Day!

Grade 1 – February 19

Happy Presidents’ Day Week! First and second grade social: The Father of Our Country, George Washington. Arya is our beautiful Jesus’ Superstar, and she certainly is beautiful inside and out!  Religion: Through Baptism we become a Child of God. The kids will be bringing home a poster to fill out about their own Baptism. Thanks for your help. Reading: Cluster with l words, Drawing Conclusions and What is a Sentence? Spelling: Short o words. Writing: Writing answers to questions and Super Star Friendly Letter.  Math: Frames and Arrows, counting by any given number forward and backward, and counting money with dimes, nickels and pennies. Enjoy the warmer weather! Thank you, Lord!

Grade 1, News from Mrs. Johnson’s room

photo-25 - Version 2God’s law is our way to love! Blessed are those who follow the law of the Lord!  Our Creation posters were awesome and so were there mini-poster evaluations.  Thanks for all your creative studying. Gavin is our dynamic and knowledgeable Jesus’ Super Star! We had an amazing 100th Day Party today! Everything the 100th way was FUN – to the 100th degree! Thursday will bring the opportunity to write a heart-filled letter, address an envelope, take a trip to the post office, buy a stamp and mail a secret Valentine to a loved one. On Love Day, we’ll be sharing our love for the elderly by creating and delivering Valentine’s to the Nursing Home. Please join us on Friday from 1:45 P.M. – 2:30 P.M. We will be riding the bus to the Nursing Home right from  phy. ed.  You can meet us at the Nursing Home. Jesus’ Love and Peace!

New from our First Grade Classroom

IMG_6172Our Creator is an awesome God! His creation is amazing! We are creating a day-by-day poster of creation. The creators in our room are also utterly amazing! This weekend, you will enjoy their artistry by helping them study/memorize the information on the poster. Thanks! Our Jesus’ Superstar and Child of God is nature-loving Nathan. His eagerness for learning and enjoyable sense of humor makes him an awesome student. Reading: Cluster r words and contractions with ‘s. Writing: Friendly Letter to Superstar and creating a love bucket list! Math: Word/story problems, negative numbers to forty, fact family triangles and frames and arrows procedure. Social: Black History – Ruby Bridges. Art: 3-D Hearts.

God is Love!

-Mrs. Johnson

Book of the month: Curious George gets a medal

photo-22 photo-23About the Author:

H.A. Rey

Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein was born in Hamburg on May 16, 1906. She briefly met her future husband, H. A. Rey, when she was a young girl, but then left for Hamburg to study art. They were reunited in 1935 in Rio de Janeiro, where Rey had gone to escape the political climate in Germany. Margret convinced Hans to leave the family business, and soon they were working together on a variety of projects.

Hans and Margret were married in Brazil on August 16, 1935, but they soon moved to Paris. It was there that Hans published his first children’s book, after a French publisher saw his newspaper cartoons of a giraffe and asked him to expand upon them. Raffy and the Nine Monkeys was the result, and the debuted the mischievous monkey named Curious George. After Raffy and the Nine Monkeys was published, the Reys began a book of Curious George’s own.

Before the new manuscript could be published, the Reys, both German Jews, found themselves being forced to flee the Nazi occupation. From Lisbon, they made their way to Brazil and on to New York City, where they began a whole new life as children’s book authors. Curious George was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1941. All the Curious George books, including the seven original stories by Margret and Hans, have sold over 25 million copies and are so popular that the original story has never been out of print. Margret Rey passed away in 1996, but not before establishing the Curious George Foundation in 1989, which gives money to children and animals.