Supply List 2014-15, Grade Four

8 # 2 pencils (no mechanical)
large eraser
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 set of multiplication flashcards
pencil pouch or box
1 Elmer’s school glue 8oz
3 glue sticks
3 folders with pockets
4 red marking pens or pencils
1 ruler with inches and centimeter measurements
1 spiral notebook wide lined
1 math protractor
colored pencils, markers and/or crayons 24 per box
school bag or backpack
1 set of water color paints
5 highlighter marker
1 set of Expo markers
1 container of Clorox wipes

Thank you for supporting the plant sale!

The totals will be announced next week.  The students did a fantastic job with the spring program.  The class enjoyed visiting the Todd County Museum and the Christie House.  We are very fortunate to have these historical places in our community. We are busy wrapping up work in several subjects and looking forward to the final week of school.

The students learned many animal facts at the Sea Life Aquarium …

…and enjoyed stepping back into history at Fort Snelling.  This Thursday, we will take a tour of the Todd County Museum and learn the history of our own area.Several students still need to memorize and recite the Act of Faith prayer.The students have done an excellent job of growing the plants again this year.  You may purchase tomato and pepper plants Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school.  Any remaining plants will be sold after the Saturday and Sunday masses.

Mother’s Day and more…

The class did a great job of singing, reading and leading us at mass today!  We are excited for our field trip on Friday to the aquarium and Fort Snelling.  The tomato and pepper plants have been moved out to the greenhouse.  The plants will go on sale following the spring program.  Students are busy memorizing their parts for the program.  A Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

The tomato and pepper plants are growing!

A little warmth & sunshine would be nice.  We will let you know when the plant sale will be.  We do have a spelling list, work pages and a spelling test this week.  The students are also working on a handwriting lesson. We will complete the MCA Reading Test on Thursday. We completed the sea paintings-they are beautiful! They are hanging outside our room, if you want to take a peek.  It was wonderful to see so many of you at the dinner /auction.

Plants are growing!

We will complete the thinning of plants this week and be putting them under the lights.  The students have begun an art project where they paint fish in the ocean.  They learn ways to make it appear three dimensional!  Students will spend part of the next several days reviewing and preparing for the Math MCA tests.  Report cards went home today.  Please contact me should you have any questions.  Remember to mark your calendar for May 9, the day of the field trip.

A seminarian comes to visit…

The class enjoyed a visit from Doug Liebsch.  They asked excellent questions about his life in the seminary.  We are happy that most of the pepper plants have sprouted!  We are preparing for the MCA Reading & Math Tests.  The class will be deciding how to redeem Mrs. Sandberg’s full bonus card!  Everyone is excited to make his/her new April AR goal so they do not have to work as hard in May.

In 4th Grade this week…

This week at mass, the class acted out the miracle of Jesus healing the blind man.  They did a wonderful job of reading and singing at the mass.  We had a speaker this week share how the coins the students have been bringing in help families in distant lands.  We learned about “solidarity” and a global connection to everyone in God’s world.  The students continue to amaze me as they bring in coins for clean water.  The jar will soon be overflowing!   Thank you for all your support in this Lenten project.

The students enjoyed an extra recess and tomorrow…

…will enjoy hat day because of the fantastic job they are doing in filling the jar full of coins!  We are working on the auction item from our class.  Mary Schultz from Browerville is teaching us about stained glass as we put our project together.  Spring is just around the corner, so it is time to start our plants.  This week we will plant seeds of a variety of pepper plants.  Next week we will do tomato plants.  The students are also preparing for Stations of the Cross on Monday and mass on Wednesday.