Love builds a bigger brain

The May 2014 Issue of Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine shares this intriguing, but perhaps not surprising, research…

Love builds a bigger brain

Cuddling causes the hippocampus-the area responible for learning-to grow as much as 10%, a recent study found. A larger brain means more neural connections, so your kid picks up and recalls new information faster!

Hugs improve social skills

Snuggling releases oxytocin, the love hormone. In addition to its ability to fast-track bonding, this hormone helps kids feel happier, more socialable, and more cooperative–qualities that will give them a leg up when it comes to making and keeping friends.

Affection boosts immunity

Hugs increase endorphins, which jump-start a kid’s immune system, making it produce more (and stronger) infection-fighting natural killer cells. Keep this in mind the next time your child is overwhelmed, because cortisol weakens these cells.

(retrieved from p. 28, “Parent & Child”, Scholastic, May 2014 Issue)