Ms. Monica Broz, Grade 3

The 2019-20 School year marks my first year teaching at St. Mary of Mount Carmel, and my first year teaching 3rd Grade. I graduated from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND in 2016 with my B.S. in Math Education! Right away I knew I did not think I could see myself teaching Math, so I decided to give a year to serve as a NET missionary.

Afterwards, I still was unsure about teaching math, but I thought working at a Catholic School was my calling and ended up teaching Math to 5th-8th graders near the cities for 2 years. I left with the intention of taking a year off from having my own classroom and to be a substitute teacher in some small towns while working part time for St. Joseph’s in Bertha. God had other plans though. 12 days before school was to start Mrs. Dinkel asked me if I would be interested in teaching for St. Marys, and I eventually told her yes a few days later.

It was part of my faith journey that brought me to teaching. I was 17 when I began teaching 5th Grade Faith Formation at my parish in Rogers. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I really wanted to share my faith with others. Since then, I have grown in my desire to teach, my faith, and in so many other ways! I feel truly blessed to be able to teach at St. Mary’s!
Also, important to note is that I am not from around here. I actually grew up in Rogers, but my mom is from Long Prairie, so growing up we would come up to visit often.
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