News from our PreK classroom

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Happy Valentine’s Day! We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in teh Preschool classroom on Thursday, February 13th, 2014. Please remember to send in your child’s completed box before this day. We will have a party at school where each child can pass out his or her Valentine’s.


This week we are investigating the letter ‘Q’ ‘q’. The children will be suing Q-tips to paint Valentine pictures on Thursday. We have been talking about quiet time, learning about Jesus, and Mary, Queen of Heaven.

Thank you to those who have donated items to our classroom! We greatly appreciate it! I have had questions regarding what items I would like for our classroom, so I will try to kee an updated list on our PreK notes online each week.

Our Wishlist:

-Sticky pads for 3M hooks

-8×10 or 11×14 frames – we do no need the glass or backs. Nothing new – we will re-purpose and paint them

-Colored ink stamp pads


-Magazines or pictures of Saints for our Saint Collages