News from our PreK Classroom

Thank you all for helping your children celebrate Catholic School’s Week! The children sure had a lot of fun each day of our short week, but I think pajama day was their favorite! Who doesn’t love to wear comfy clothes? I know I do!

This week we are learning all about the letter Pp. The children will be doing various painting projects, exploring different types of puzzles, learning our “P” prayer and many other fun things.


Please remember to work on your child’s valentine box and send them in when you are done. This will help me make sure that each child has a box before that day. Check them out each day in the classroom if you need ideas!

For my Pre-K ⅘ classes, please remember to sign your child’s report card and send it back in to school. You will get them back, I just want to make sure you have looked over your child’s report card.


-Mrs. Young