Our Busy Week!

photo1-3The children will be learning about all different types of science this week. The children began learning about magnetics last Friday and will continue doing all types of science and art activities this week. What fun it is to see things through the eyes of a child! Everything is new and exciting! The children will be magnetic painting, seeing what absorbs water and what does not, using light prisms to make rainbows, doing color mixing and we will begin doing our plant science and gardening hopefully this week as well. The children love to see what happens when they plant different seeds and observe them as they begin to grow.



Wish List

Algae eaters and fish for our aquarium

Aquarium for our bug habitat and garden

Magnetic Bingo Chips

Black Dirt-nothing added to it

Nylons or knee highs (can be snagged, just not the toes)