St Mary of Mt Carmel School

425 Central Avenue, Long Prairie, Minnesota — 320-357-0813


Our focus, on this journey of Lent, is Jesus…

…Jesus as the resurrection and the life. As a symbol and remembrance of this, we created rock crosses. Come and admire! Keira is our unbelievably aware and helpful Jesus’ Super Star. I’m not sure what I will do without her next year! She helps this getting old teacher a lot! The new Authors of the Month are inspirational Douglas Wood, crazy/wacky Robert Munch and unusual poetry by Shel Silverstein.  Reading: assessing skills, spelling question words, topic sentences and exclamation sentences. Oh, yes! Math: Measurement in inches with ruler and measuring tape, comparing heights of classmates, time to the quarter to and quarter after and equivalent sums. First and second grade social: Compass Rose directions.  Happy Day!