Our Lenten words to focus on are Pray*Fast*Almsgiving

Prayer started with The Stations of the Cross on Monday. Thank you, sixth graders! Every day we are spending time writing prayers to Jesus in our Lenten Prayer Journals. This special time helps us to talk and listen to Jesus. They love it! Noah is teaching us how to Fast and go without things. Our Water for Life is helping us to experience Almsgiving.  Bring those coins! Vivian is our giggly, warm-hearted and beautiful Jesus’ Super Star! Art: God’s Promise, painted rainbows and color wheel. Reading: short e spelling words, cluster with s, silent letters in kn*wr*gn, realistic fiction story, compare and contrast, evaluate and sensory words.  Writing: Friendly letter and telling sentences. Math: Money to dime, thermometer and units of measure. Social Studies*1st and 2nd grade: Abraham Lincoln. Spring is coming! Happy Day!

This month we celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday! Visit Suessville here and learn with the famous children’s author!

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Photo Album March 2014

As we review our days of the week, we integrate our iPad learning!

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